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SpareCover: All colors VS Brawny Series Soft Tire Covers


  • All colors and the Brawny series are made of 100% automotive Vinyl.

  • All colors have a smooth, shiny leather-like texture which appears more like OEM Vinyl for most vehicles.

  • Brawny series is also vinyl with a fuzzy poly fleece lining inside and a denim texture outside. Denim, in this case, does not indicate any actual canvas or cotton content. Only the exterior has a denim texture that is molded into the vinyl during production and produces a jet-black finish; this is the same material used by Jeep for OEM Wrangler and Liberty Tire Covers until Mexico began making them.

  • Brawny series is a bit stretchier. Therefore, it will fit a more extensive cover without any ripping or distortion of the material.

  • All colors have a thin backing with no lining.

  • Brawny Series is the most durable and the longest lasting for sure. I cannot recall a Brawny Series Tire cover ripping. Sometimes the colors can rip if pulled along the seam hard enough.


Brawny Series comes in Jet-Black Denim Only.


Blak series come in many colors; we carry in stock Black, Squirrel Tan, Doeskin, Toffee Red, White, Purple, Dolphin Gray, Orange, Green ...



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