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Superior Quality SpareCover Brand slip-on style cover installs easily without zippers.


US Made SpareCover® - Full Size Bronco - Luxury DoeSkin Vinyl Tire Cover Doeskin 


A note about light colored vinyl: this is NOT a leather cover, it is 100% vinyl, and WILL get dirty easy or turn off color or even yellow when exposed to exhaust fumes or harsh chemicals, some brands of tires have been known to cause discoloration due to off-gassing. I can not warranty a white or light colored cover that gets dirty or turns color after exposed to a toxic environment. Due to these possible applications, we do not accept returns that have obviously been installed or dirty or damaged trying to fit on a larger tire.

Over three decades of experience in screen printing.• Custom made to fit spare tires 26" - 40" (please select your tire size)• 29" - Fits tire sizes 225/65-17, 215/85R15, 255/70R15, 265/70R15, 315/60R15, 225/70-16, 225/75R16, 235/75R16, 245/70R16, 255/65R16, 275/60R16, 285/60R16,225/70R17, 235/65R17, 245/65R17, 255/60R17, 265/60R17, 225/65R18, 235/60R18, 245/60R18, 255/55R18, 265/55R18, 275/55R18, 285/50R18 & 325/45R18.• 30" - Custom made to fit 2021 FORD BRONCO 2 DOOR BASE with a 255/70-16- Also fits sizes P235/75R15, 30 x 9.5, P235/70R16, P215/75R16, P225/75R16, & P235/65R17. ((Fits Ford Bronco 2or4 Door Base))• 31" - Fits Tire Size 275/70R1, 265/70R16, 245/70R17, 245/75R16, 285/70R15 & 31 x 10.5R15• 32" - Fits tire size 265/80R16, 285/75R16, P265/75R16, 305/70R16, 235/85R17, 255 75R17, 275/70R17, 305/65R17, 255/70R18, 265/70R18, 275/65R18, 285/65R18 295/60R18 & 305/60R18. ((Fits Ford Bronco 2or4 Door Black Diamond & Outer Banks))• 33" - Fits tire sizes 285/70-17, 33X12.50R15LT, 33X12.50R16.5LT, 255/85R16, LT285/75R16, 295/75R16, 255/80R17, 285/75R17, 295/70R17, 275/70R18, 285/70R18, 295/65R18, 305/60r18 & 325/60R18. ((Fits Ford Bronco 2or4 Door Badlands))• 35" - Fits tire sizes 305/65R18, 305/70R17, 315/70-17, 305/70R17 & 315/70R18 ((Fits Ford Bronco 2or4 Door w/ Sasquatch Pkg))• 37" - Fits tree size 37 X 12.5 - 16.5 ((Fits Ford Bronco Raptor))

• FORD BRONCO graphic direct screen printed in UV-resistant ink.

• Heavy Luxury vinyl exterior with a soft lining.


• This heavy-duty tire cover is brand new and much easier to install than the zippered unit supplied by OEM.


Classic Series soft tire covers have a semi-gloss UV-resistant exterior.


This premium quality aftermarket slip-on tire cover is hand-made in Central Florida and cleanly finished with upholstery welt (piping) to protect the stitching from the elements.


No Exposed thread means your tire cover will last; we guarantee it!

DoeSkin BRONCO - US Made SpareCover® - Luxury Vinyl Tire Cover

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