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  • Bronco CR-V Rav4 FJ Cruiser Jeep Benz Tire Covers

    SpareCover® Brand SOFT VINYL TIRE COVERS 0 Home Coupons Sizing Order by Number All Bronco ACURA BRONCO II CR-V DODGE RAIDER FJ CRUISER HUMMER LAND ROVER LIBERTY MERCEDES BENZ MITSUBISHI PASSPORT PATHFINDER RAV4 SUZUKI ISUZU WRANGLER Our Story Search Results Sweet Summer Toffee Collection NEXT PAGE Send Tim an email Send Jason an email Send Message via FaceBook Messenger

  • Sizing | SpareCoverTireCovers

    NEXT PAGE Home Coupons Sizing Order by Number All Bronco ACURA BRONCO II CR-V DODGE RAIDER FJ CRUISER HUMMER LAND ROVER LIBERTY MERCEDES BENZ MITSUBISHI PASSPORT PATHFINDER RAV4 SUZUKI ISUZU WRANGLER Our Story Search Results Sweet Summer Toffee Collection Tire Sizing Find your Tire size on this page or use the wizard link below TIRE SIZE WIZARD • 26" - Fits 245/60R14 205/70R15 205/60R16 255/50R17 255/40R19 ​ • 27" - Fits 27X8.5R14 27X9.5R14 225/70R14 205/75R15 255/60R15 27X9.5R15 155/90R16 215/65R16 235/60R16 215/60R17 235/55R17 215/55R18 235/50R18 255/45R18 285/40R18 295/40R18 225/45R19 295/35R19 345/30R19 225/40R20 255/35R20 295/30R20 • 28" - Fits 235/70R15 275/60R15 28X10R15 28X10.5R15 28X11.5R15 28X12R15 28X12.5R15 28X4.5R15 28X7.5R15 28X9R15 ​ 205/75R16 235/65R16 ​ 155/90R17 215/65R17 235/60R17 255/55R17 ​ 235/55R18 255/50R18 28X12R18 ​ 255/45R19 285/40R19 ​ 255/40R20 295/35R20 345/30R20 ​ 255/35R21 295/30R21 305/30R21 355/25R21 ​ 255/30R22 305/25R22 315/25R22 ​ • 29" Fits 255/70R15 29X10.5R15 29X11.5R15 29X12.5R15 29X15R15 29X15.5R15 29X18R15 29X18.5R15 29X4.5R15 29X8.5R15 235/70R16 255/65R16 235/65R17 255/60R17 155/90R18 235/60R18 285/50R18 255/50R19 285/45R19 255/45R20 285/40R20 29X15R20 29X18R20 325/35R20 255/40R21 295/35R21 255/35R22 295/30R22 305/30R22 • 30" Fits 30X10R14 295/65R15 30X10R15 30X11.5R15 30X12R15 30X9R15 30X9.5R15 255/70R16 30X11.5R16 235/70R17 255/65R17 275/60R17 235/65R18 255/60R18 175/80R19 255/55R19 235/55R20 255/50R20 285/45R20 285/40R21 255/40R22 295/35R22 255/30R24 ​ • 31" Fits 31X10.5R15 31X11R15 31X11.5R15 31X12.5R15 31X13.5R15 31X16R15 31X16.5R15 31X18R15 31X18.5R15 31X9.5R15 275/70R16 31X10.5R16 31X11R16 31X11.5R16 31X12.5R16 255/70R17 275/65R17 31X10.5R17 235/70R18 255/65R18 275/60R18 235/65R19 255/60R19 255/55R20 285/50R20 31X18R20 255/50R21 285/45R21 325/40R21 255/45R22 285/40R22 325/35R22 295/35R23 295/30R24 • 32" Fits 32X10R15 32X10.5R15 32X11.5R15 32X14R15 32X16R15 32X17.5R15 32X9.5R15 32X11.5R16 32X9R16 32X12R16.5 255/75R17 275/70R17 32X11.5R17 255/70R18 275/65R18 255/65R19 255/60R20 305/50R20 275/50R22 285/45R22 325/40R22 285/40R23 325/35R23 295/35R24 405/25R24 • 33" Fits 33X10.5R15 33X11.5R15 33X12.5R15 33X13R15 33X13.5R15 33X14R15 33X14.5R15 33X15.5R15 33X19.5R15 33X21.5R15 33X22R15 33X9.5R15 255/85R16 33X10.5R16 33X11.5R16 33X12.5R16 33X13R16 33X13.5R16 33X14R16 33X14.5R16 33X9.5R16 33X11.5R16.5 33X12.5R16.5 33X14R16.5 33X14.5R16.5 33X15.5R16.5 255/80R17 33X10.5R17 33X12.5R17 33X13R17 33X13.5R17 33X9.5R17 275/70R18 295/65R18 33X10.5R18 33X12.5R18 33X13R18 33X13.5R18 275/60R20 305/55R20 33X11.5R20 33X12R20 33X12.5R20 33X13.5R20 33X22R20 285/50R22 315/45R22 33X12.5R22 33X14.5R22 355/40R22 285/40R24 ​ • 35" Fits 35X10.5R15 35X12.5R15 35X13.5R15 35X14.5R15 35X15R15 35X15.5R15 35X16R15 35X10.5R16 35X12.5R16 35X14.5R16 35X15R16 35X16R16 375/65R16 35X12.5R16.5 35X14.5R16.5 35X15R16.5 35X15.5R16.5 35X16R16.5 35X10.5R17 35X11.5R17 35X12.5R17 35X13.5R17 35X14.5R17 35X11.5R18 35X12.5R18 35X13R18 35X14.5R18 295/65R20 35X11.5R20 35X12.5R20 35X13R20 35X13.5R20 35X14.5R20 35X12.5R22 35X14.5R22 35X15.5R22 35X12.5R24 35X13.5R24 ​ • 37" Fits 37X12.5R15 37X13R15 37X13.5R15 37X14R15 37X14.5R15 37X12.5R16 37X13R16 37X13.5R16 37X14R16 37X14.5R16 385/70R16 37X12.5R16.5 37X13R16.5 37X14R16.5 37X12.5R17 37X13R17 37X13.5R17 37X14R17 37X11.5R18 37X12.5R18 37X13.5R18 37X11.5R20 37X12.5R20 37X13.5R20 37X12.5R22 37X13.5R22 345/50R24 37X13.5R24 37X14.5R24 37X13.5R26 ​ • 40" Fits 40X16R15 40X16R16 40X13.5R17 40X16R17 40X13.5R20 40X14.5R20 40X15.5R20 40X14.5R22 40X15.5R22 40X13.5R24 40X14.5R24 40X15.5R24 40X13.5R26 40X15.5R26 40X15.5R28

  • Our Story | SpareCoverTireCovers

    NEXT PAGE SpareCover brand Soft Tire Covers OUR STORY Handmade Tire Covers since 1995 ALL SpareCover brand products are made in Central Florida. Any cover that ships from China or any other foreign country is NOT a SpareCover brand product. BUY American - Support the US Economy. Recently the Amazon Marketplace has been a free-for -all when it comes to counterfeit items. Be warned, be smart, any item shipping from overseas should make you scratch your head about it being made in the US. ​ NOTICE: Currently there are several other sellers offering tire covers indicating made by SpareCover. Beware these are NOT original SpareCover products, we only sell covers directly to the public via the links below. Buy the best, Buy the Original SpareCover product, using the links below. All of our covers are produced and shipped from Florida, any product manufactured or sold by ANY company NOT based in Forida is NOT an authentic SpareCover product, for over 20 years, SpareCover has hand manufactured its premium custom tire covers from its base of operations in Orlando, Florida. We are proud to be the largest custom tire manufacturer in the United States. We can fit any tire. You can buy our covers through this the links below: ​ Our tests indicate that the SpareCover brand soft tire cover is the hands down best tire cover available ANYWHERE today. Do not waste your time and money on a cheap imitation. Click here to purchase our covers using Yahoo Checkout. FREE Shipping on some items @ Click here to see our covers for sale on eBay BEWARE OF THE MANY COUNTERFEIT Items being sold on Amazon today! We are now the largest soft tire cover manufacturer in the USA. We can custom make a cover to fit ANY tire. Most orders shipped within hours of receiving payment, via USPS Priority Mail. PayPal and Google payments receive automatic ship and tracking numbers via e-mail. ​

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