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(25) Tire covers in any variety of sizes.

I will do a single color art proof, make film and burn a custom silk screen.

shipping is FOB Orlando. NO Free Shipping on this item. I will send a second Invoice seperate after job is complete for the shipping cost, this will be the exact amount it cost us to ship your tire covers. Contact us for a more accurate quote or use UPS to estimate the cost. Shipping from Orlando, FL 32817 Aproximately 45 pounds in one box 18 x 18 x 24 in.

First order 7-10 days, repeat orders in just a few days and no minimum after first order of at least (10).

(20) Custom Printed Dealership Tire Covers

  • Custom Printed Covers are non-returnable. We do however warrant our product for 5 years against materials and workmanship. Lifetime warranty against the print cracking or fading.

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