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Superior Quality SpareCover Brand slip-on style cover installs easily without zippers.


Product Features:

• 100% Manufactured in the USA by legal US labor and ALL US made components


• Made in USA, NOT made in Mexico. NOT made in China


• Slip-on style tire cover installs easily without zippers. Hand screen printed and sewn in Orlando Florida.



• Custom made to fit Suzuki OEM Spare Tires 27" & 29"


• Dimensions 27" inches - 685.8 mm (diameter) x 13 inches - 228.6 mm (wide)
• Dimensions 29" inches - 736.6 mm (diameter) x 13 inches - 304.8 mm (wide)


• Compatibility - Common tire sizes -


• 27" - Fits tire sizes 205/75R15, 215/75R15, 225/70R15, 255/60R15, 295/55R15, 325/50R15, 155/90R16, 195/75R16, 205/70R16, 215/65R16, 215/70R16, 225/65R16, 235/60R16, 295/50R16, 355/40R16, 145/90R17, 165/80R17, 215/60R17, 225/60R17, 235/55R17, 245/55R17, 255/50R17, 275/50R17, 345/40R17, 145/80R18, 215/55R18, 
225/55R18, 235/50R18, 245/50R18, 255/45R18, 265/45R18, 275/45R18, 285/40R18, 295/40R18, 305/40R18, 315/40R18, 325/35R18, 345/35R18 


• 29" - Fits tire sizes 215/85R15, 255/70R15, 265/70R15, 315/60R15, 225/70-16, 225/75R16, 235/75R16, 245/70R16, 255/65R16, 275/60R16, 285/60R16,225/70R17, 235/65R17, 245/65R17, 255/60R17, 265/60R17, 225/65R18, 235/60R18, 245/60R18, 255/55R18, 265/55R18, 275/55R18, 285/50R18 & 325/45R18.

• RED Suzuki Logo direct screen printed in US made Nazdar UV Resistant Solvent Vinyl Ink.


• Heavy Tuxedo Black 35 mil automotive grade vinyl exterior. Similar to OEM texture. 


• This heavy Duty tire cover is brand new and much easier to install than the zippered unit supplied by Suzuki.


• This un-lined heavy vinyl aftermarket tire cover slips on and stays on guaranteed.


SpareCover Brand Soft Tire Covers are constructed of automotive-grade vinyl. ABC Series soft tire covers have a Shiny UV-resistant tuxedo black vinyl exterior.


This premium quality aftermarket slip-on tire cover is hand made in Central Florida and Clean finished with upholstery welt, No Exposed thread means your tire cover will last.

ABC Series Suzuki RED Logo on Tuxedo Black 35 mil Vinyl Tire Cover -

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