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SpareCover®  - Luxury Vinyl Tire Cover, developed just for the latest generation of the Bronco with the camera and vintage Broncos without the camera.  Make your selection by choosing your size w/cam for with a camera of the size only for no camera.


This tire cover will come with a hole in the center for the camera mounted in the middle of your spare tire.  We will also include our special retainer to ensure you get the whole picture.


A note about light-colored vinyl: this is NOT a leather cover; it is 100% vinyl and WILL get dirty easily or turn off color or even yellow when exposed to exhaust fumes or harsh chemicals; some brands of tires have been known to cause discoloration due to off-gassing.  I can not warranty a white or light-colored cover that gets dirty or turns color after exposure to a toxic environment.  Due to these possible applications, we do not accept returns that have been installed or dirty or damaged trying to fit on a larger tire.


YES!  We accept returns and exchanges.  Buyer pays for shipping returns and exchanges.  If we make a mistake in the order details or your item is defective, we will cover 100% of the shipping.  A $20 Restock/ shipping fee may apply to order returns such as mistakes in ordering "not our fault," Ordered the wrong size, or Customer changed mind.  This amount will not exceed the amount of shipping costs to us.


Please don't be offended.  We may ask for your tire size as it is found on the sidewall of your spare; if you order sizes 27 in through 30 in, we may contact you.  For the fastest service, please add a note of your tire size on the sidewall of your spare.  Like this 275/75R15 .. even better, take a pic, and please use your flash.  If you have ordered before and we have gone through this, disregard it, or tell me in a note the tire size. .. Thanks.


If you buy a cover too small for your spare and damage it trying to install it, please don't ask us to replace or exchange the damaged or soiled cover.  We don't sell used or dirty tire covers, so they will be discarded and no credit given.


YES!  We ship anywhere on the globe.  Please inquire.  We only use Express service for international deliveries. 


We keep a vast assortment of tire covers in various sizes and colors.  Of course, occasionally, we have to print and sew something not ready to ship.  We usually try to print once a week, so if your order falls on the day after we print, processing your order may take up to a week.


Shipping services We offer:

FAST SHIPPING via USPS Priority Mail


RIDICULOUSLY FAST shipping by USPS Express mail (1 -5 days in transit); Express shipping does not guarantee same-day shipping, as we may have to print and sew your cover before it ships.  Also, some shipments are being delayed at customs.  We cannot predict if this will happen.


Please inquire if you need to receive this tire cover by a specific date.  I answer ALL questions as fast as possible.


100% MADE IN Orlando, Florida USA


If you are looking for a cheap "auto parts store tire cover," keep looking; this heavy cover has a ship weight of 2+ pounds.


Professional upholstery welt is used on the exposed edge; this adds a finished professional look and, more importantly, strengthens the cover and protects the stitching from the sun and elements.  The best thread will rot away in just a few months in direct sunlight.


These covers are made locally in Orlando, Florida, by a shop that has made Dealership Tire Covers for Honda Dealers and Hummer, Land Rover, and Jeep.


100% Manufactured in the USA by legal US labor and ALL US-made components as possible...


Made in the USA, NOT made in Mexico.  NOT made in China.


Slip-on style tire cover installs easily without zippers.  Hand screen printed and sewn in Orlando, Florida...


Wrap-around style cover is held securely by a heavy 5/32" shock cord sewn permanently into the cover's hem. ..


Hand screen printed and sewn in Orlando, Florida...


Custom-made for each specific tire size, not a universal fit tire cover...


Custom-made to fit OEM and Over-Sized spare tires 29" - 40" and even bigger (please select your tire size).


Any of our covers can be made to accommodate a rearview camera mounted in the center of the spare; please inquire...


We can make a cover to fit any tire, diameter or width.  Please Inquire...


FORD BRONCO Graphic in YOUR color direct screen printed by hand using Solvent Based Vinyl Ink; US-made Nazdar ink is the oldest and best ink in this industry...


US-made Haartz Heavy Jet black automotive grade vinyl with a denim texture.  Other colors may be sourced globally, but NOT CHINA...


Clean finished with upholstery welt; No Exposed thread means your tire cover will last.  Welt can be made to match some ink colors.


This heavy vinyl aftermarket tire cover slips on and stays on guaranteed...


Care instructions - Treat as you would a convertible top.  Nothing is required for this material to last for a decade and then some...


5 Year Warranty against defects related to material or workmanship, lifetime warranty against fading or cracking of print...


Over three decades of experience in screen printing.

• Custom made to fit spare tires 26" - 40" (please select your tire size)


• 29" - Fits tire sizes 225/65-17, 215/85R15, 255/70R15, 265/70R15, 315/60R15, 225/70-16, 225/75R16, 235/75R16, 245/70R16, 255/65R16, 275/60R16, 285/60R16,225/70R17, 235/65R17, 245/65R17, 255/60R17, 265/60R17, 225/65R18, 235/60R18, 245/60R18, 255/55R18, 265/55R18, 275/55R18, 285/50R18 & 325/45R18.


• 30"  - Custom made to fit  2021 FORD BRONCO 2 DOOR BASE with a 255/70-16- Also fits sizes P235/75R15, 30 x 9.5, P235/70R16, P215/75R16, P225/75R16, & P235/65R17.


• 31" - Fits Tire Size 275/70R1, 265/70R16, 245/70R17, 245/75R16, 285/70R15 & 31 x 10.5R15


• 32" - Fits tire size 265/80R16, 285/75R16, P265/75R16, 305/70R16, 235/85R17, 255 75R17, 275/70R17, 305/65R17, 255/70R18, 265/70R18, 275/65R18, 285/65R18 295/60R18 & 305/60R18.


• 33" - Fits tire sizes 285/70-17, 33X12.50R15LT, 33X12.50R16.5LT, 255/85R16, LT285/75R16, 295/75R16, 255/80R17, 285/75R17, 295/70R17, 275/70R18, 285/70R18, 295/65R18, 305/60r18 & 325/60R18.


• 35" - Fits tire sizes 305/65R18, 305/70R17, 315/70-17, 305/70R17 & 315/70R18


• 37" - Fits tree size 37 X 12.5 - 16.5

Brawny Bronco - Orange & Yellow - US Made SpareCover® - Vinyl Tire Cover

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