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• Custom made to fit 1996-2004 OEM Toyota Rav4 external mounted spare tire.

• 28" - Fits tire sizes P215/65R16, P225/55R17, P215/65R17, P235/60R16 & P215/70R16.


• 29" - Fits tire sizes 215/85R15, 255/70R15, 265/70R15, 315/60R15, 225/70-16, 225/75R16, 235/75R16, 245/70R16, 255/65R16, 275/60R16, 285/60R16,225/70R17, 235/65R17, 245/65R17, 255/60R17, 265/60R17, 225/65R18, 235/60R18, 245/60R18, 255/55R18, 265/55R18, 275/55R18, 285/50R18 & 325/45R18.


• 31" - This size has been added for those wanting to protect the OEM cover supplied by Toyota. 

    - measuring 30" diameter x 10" wide

• If your tire size is not listed please inquire.

• Toyota Rav4 logo direct screen printed in UV resist INk

• Heavy black denim textured "Jeep Denim" heavy vinyl exterior. Poly - Fleece lining protects the tire and prevents raised Tire Lettering from showing through the vinyl cover.

• This heavy Duty tire cover is brand new and much easier to install than the zippered unit supplied by OEM.

• This is a tailor fitted cover that clings to your tire using heavy bungee (elastic) sewn into the hem and will not come off at highway speeds or even during the most brutal car washes.

Superior Quality SpareCover® Brand slip-on style cover installs easily without zippers.

SpareCover Brand Soft Tire Covers are constructed of automotive-grade vinyl. Brawny Series has a "denim like" texture embossed into the vinyl and requires no maintinence. ALL US made materials and labor. 

Brawny TOYOTA - Rav4

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