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NOTICE: Currently there are several other sellers offering tire covers indicating made by SpareCover. Be careful these are NOT original SpareCover products, we only sell covers directly to the public via the links below. Buy the best, Buy the Original SpareCover product, using the links below. All of our covers are produced and shipped from Florida, any product by Optimum Accessories or Boomerang (aka Boomco) is a copy of our cover and who knows what you may receive in the mail. Do not waste your time and money on a cheap imitation.

We are proud to announce a new SpareCover merchant selling on Amazon. Only CYT (Cover Your Tire)sells authentic SpareCover brand Tire Covers Click Here for Amazon

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We stock Many unique designs including a Charging Rhino, Elephant, Tiger, (2) Sharks, a Grizzly Bear and many more.

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We manufacture tire covers for Jeep, Honda & Land Rover dealerships.

We can custom make a cover to fit ANY tire.

Custom graphics or simple City and State can be added to any design.

We offer 100% money back, satisfaction guaranteed!

Most orders shipped within 24 hours of receiving payment, via USPS Priority Mail.

PayPal and Google payments receive automatic ship and tracking numbers via e-mail.

For more information e-mail.

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