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Superior Quality SpareCover Brand slip-on style cover installs easily without zippers.

Product Features:


· Custom made to fit Isuzu OEM Spare tires 29" - 32"


· Fits tire sizes listed below - 


If your tire size is not listed please inquire.


· Isuzu logo direct screen-printed in UV resistant silver metallic.


Clean finished with upholstery welt, No Exposed thread means your tire cover will last.


SpareCover Brand Soft Tire Covers are constructed of automotive-grade vinyl.


UV-resistant jet-black vinyl exterior.


This premium quality aftermarket slip-on tire cover is hand made in the Central Florida and clean finished with upholstery welt (piping), No Exposed thread means your tire cover will last, we guarantee it!


• 30" Fits tire sizes                               • 31" Fits tire sizes 

14" Wheel Size                                     15" Wheel Size

 30X10R14                                              31X10.5R15


15" Wheel Size            

 30X10R15                                              16" Wheel Size     

 30X9R15                                                  31.2x10.8R16

 30X9.5R15                                              31X10.5R16


16" Wheel Size                                       31X11.5R16

 255/70R16 = 30.1x10R16            



• 32" Fits Tire Sizes                           

15" Wheel Size                                       .........................         

32X10R15                                             • 33" Fits Tire Sizes

32X10.5R15                                            15" Wheel Size

32X11.5R15                                              33X10.5R15

16" Wheel Size                                       33X11.5R15 

32X11.5R16                                            16" Wheel Size

32X9R16                                                  255/85R16 = 33.1x10R16

16.5" Wheel Size                                   33X10.5R16 = 33X10.5R16

32X12R16.5                                             33X11.5R16 = 33X11.5R16

US Made SpareCover® - Brawny Series Isuzu Heavy Vinyl Cover

SKU: BR-isuzu-30
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