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100% Manufactured in the USA by legal US labor and ALL US made components.


NOT a universal fit tire cover. Every tire cover is custom made for each specific tire size.


Made in Florida USA, NOT made in Mexico. NOT made in China. Not made in Canada.


Hand screen printed and sewn in Orlando Florida.


Wrap-around style tire cover installs without zippers. 


Wrap-around style tire cover is held securely in place by heavy 5/32" shock cord (bungee/elastic) sewn permanently in the edge of the tire cover.  


All of our tire covers are Custom made to fit OEM and Over-Sized spare tires 27" - 40" and even bigger (please select your tire size), if your tire size is not listed please contact us.


We can make a cover to fit and size tire, diameter or width .. Please Inquire.

THIS tire cover is made to fit ALL years TOYOTA Rav4 with an external spare tire mounted on the rear of the vehicle. 28" and 29"
• 28" - Fits tire sizes P215/70R16 27.9" P215/65R17 28.0" P215/70R16 27.9"


• 29" - Firs tire sizes



   15" Wheel Size 215/85R15 255/70R15 265/70R15 315/60R15


16" Wheel Size 225/70R16 225/75R16 235/75R16 245/70R16 255/65R16 275/60R16 285/60R1617" Wheel Size 225/70R17 235/65R17 245/65R17 255/60R17 265/60R17


18" Wheel Size 225/65R18 235/60R18 245/60R18 255/55R18 265/55R18 275/55R18 285/50R18 325/45R18


if your size is not listed please inquire


TOYOTA RAV4, Screen Printed by hand using Solvent Based Vinyl Ink, US made Nazdar ink is the oldest and best ink in this industry.


Heavy JET-Black vinyl with a matte denim-like texture.


Clean finished with upholstery welt, No Exposed thread means your tire cover will last.


This heavy vinyl aftermarket tire cover slips on and stays on guaranteed.


Care instructions - Treat as you would a convertible top. Nothing is really required for this material to last for a decade and then some.


5 Year Warranty for defects related to material or workmanship, lifetime warranty for fading or cracking of print.


This tire cover is NOT made in China. Yes, we are proud of that.


Over 3 decades of experience in the screen printing industry.

US Made SpareCover® - Brawny Series - TOYOTA Rav4 on jet-black Vinyl Tire Cover

SKU: br-RAV4
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